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  • Icon and sticker design

    Icon and sticker design

    Your website or app is going to be
    neat, friendly and easy-to-use.

  • Animation


    Life is motion. Bringing life into design.

  • Illustration


    Pictures, cards, covers, splash screens, backgrounds, whatever you may need.

  • Game graphics

    Game graphics

    Half of a successful game is good graphics. We provide this half.

Featured Products

54 landmarks icons, vector outline.

An animated addition to Easter Egg Bunny Emoticons

20 topics x 4 color schemes = 80 icons.

A set of 72 unique Easter Egg Bunny Emoticons (18 expressions, 4 color schemes)

28 colorful vector icons and a seamless pattern

42 high-quality outline icons of buildings

16 adorable animated cats.

Hop-hop-hop! Easter bunnies and eggs seamless pattern and icons.

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Cat Coach Teodor

Meet your personal fitness instructor Teodor The Cat.

He may be a little plump, but energetic and full of enthusiasm, and he loves sport. With those exercises he’ll lose extra weight in no time! Go kitty, burn these calories!

Watch him going through his routine in his little cat gym and work out together if you like!

Get this free Android app right here:

Cat Power Stickers

Feel the Cat Power!

Add emotins to your iMessages with a set of 50 cute, funny, playful or naughty cats! In addition to static stickers this pack also contains 16 animated ones.

They look like this:

What more can I say? Get yourself a purrrfect set of stickers right now!

Teodor The Cat Stickers

He’s cute, he’s fun, he’s fat – he’s Teodor The Cat!
Get to know more of him at

This pack contains 32 stickers, some of them are animated, oh yeah!

Get ready to adopt a new pet in your phone. Once he’s there, you won’t be able to let him go!