Size does matter

This article is not for icon designers, but rather for users: customers, developers and all those good people to whom we give our icons.

Why do we ask you about needed icon sizes? Why so insistently? And not just sizes, but different kinds of them: main size, additional size, etc…

Why do we give a heavy sigh when hearing “Please make a big one, and we’ll resize it ourselves.”

Why do we store a strategic reserve of heart medicine for the case (although not very often one) when we see our “technically processed” icons built into the design?

Gather around, I start my tale.

1. Want it bigger.

Assume we draw a kitty. Here it is the tabby.

It’s never done evil in its life and looks forward to rightful treatment.

But what’ll happen if a site designer doesn’t think about the kitty size from the very beginning and now decides to let it grow a little? He will increase it something like that:

Sure, he didn’t give it a birth, he didn’t nurse it, he doesn’t care. The kitty was left without love, it’s blurred and smudged.

What should have been done? He’d have given the kitty to us, and we’d stroked it good.

If (for some reason) you don’t see any difference, then watch the animation.

2. Want it smaller.

Let’s return to the kitty of original size.

What’ll happen if a site designer thinks the kitty is too big for him and reduces it? Moreover, he would have a formal excuse not to feel remorse, for that’s no problem with reducing as it is with increasing. And that’s just for a little bit. Nobody will ever notice.

And here we have a small untidy kitty. What shoud’ve been done? Right, it should been given to us, and so on.

And again, animated variant.

3. For all occasions.

Now what happens when a customer wants to get a big icon with excessive details and not to worry about reducing it afterwards? It sounds logical but let’s see what it’s like in real world.

Let’s play with a very happy squirrel. A big happy squirrel.

It seems it has nothing to fear in that size. It has it’s tail, it has it’s nut.

Then a stranger comes and decreases it pitilessly.

The problem is you can’t notice with a naked eye what the problem is (a good phrase to meditate). But let’s see how would a squirrel will itself if was given to our caring hands.

If you don’t catch the difference, see the animated version.

4. In conclusion.

What was all this about?

It’s just our proposal to you: please don’t hesitate talking about sizes. Let’s talk about big ones, let’s talk about small ones.

We’re interested in giving you the perfect result instead of a rough prepack.

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