The Friendliest Interface

I’ve read this article today.

Not that I don’t agree with the author about excessive complexity of washer panels, but I didn’t really get his version either.

For example, I find “Put your dirty clothes inside” a little bit too much. And “Is it soft?” startled me. It used to be soft before it soaked a ton of dirt in. Now I can just put my socks next to my shoes, they hold the same shape perfectly…

If you want to explain something, use cats. It’s nature’s law.
Therefore behold! The friendliest washer/drier interface ever! Not only it’s simple, it’s based on cats. That’s what makes it purrfect.


The only flaw of this concept is based on earth population. Out of 6 billions people there is always a brainless one who would put a cat into a washer. That’s why we won’t start mass production. Because of that person.

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