Dog Party Animated Stickers

What do think your dog does when you’re not looking?

Just the same! Living life, having fun!

This is a must-have sticker pack for dog lovers, come on and wag your tail!

This sticker pack contains 20 animated dogs, pups and hounds. Got emotion? Express it with your favorite dog sticker!

Yuki Neko Animated Stickers

There are just 2 words for this: cute overload!

Sticker pack includes:

  • 24 fully animated cute cat stickers
  • 6 kawaii style background scenes
  • 1 sweet strawberry shortcake

    Say hi to adorable animated Yuki!

  • Round My Tip

    Suppose you’ve just finished your meal in a restaurant and you’re getting your bill. It’s some prickly number, like $52.48.

    You’d like to round it up, but to what? $55? $60? How much should I add? Will it be enough of a tip? Or too much?

    That’s when Round My Tip helps you!

    You just type in your bill amount and that’s it!

    It’ll perform all the calculation, give you several options, and a tip percentage hint will make sure you leave the right amount. It will even consider what country you’re in, and what tip is appropriate here.

    Could it be easier than this?